Women's Business

every Friday at 11.00am

Womens Group.jpg

Women of the parish currently meet on Zoom for prayer and support. For more information, contact us.

Men's Prayer group

every Saturday at 8.30am

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Men of the parish meet at St George's church hall, Birkdale.

for prayer and support. All men are welcome. Currently meeting on Zoom. For more information, contact us.

Crafty Capers

every Monday at 1.30pm

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The Crafty Capers group meet at St George's church hall, Birkdale.

Usually people bring their own craft project, or work together to make projects to sell at our parish events. They also share a cuppa and afternoon tea, and enjoy a chat. For more information, contact us.

Richo’s Family Group

Sunday approximately every six weeks for lunch

Richo's Christmas 2019.jpg

Richo’s group aims to meet together in fellowship and get to know each other a little better on a personal basis. Lunch may consist of a barbeque, casseroles or other fine fare. Group members decided to host the gathering on a rotational basis at their homes to add variety. For more information, contact us.

Who Moved My Cheese

first Sunday of the month at 10.30am

WhoStoleMy CheeseGroup.jpg

Who Moved My Cheese meet at St James' church hall, Wellington Point.

Members of the St George's and St James' congregations are welcome. It's name is based on a book by the same name and provides an opportunity for fellowship over a meal. For more information, contact us.

Young Family Group

Young Families Group.jpg

The Young Family group meet on an ‘off-the-cuff’ basis – perhaps every couple of months, as planning ahead with many families can be hard to do. So, we meet at short notice at a suggested venue, eg a park or someone’s house for a byo lunch and fellowship. It is a great group to bring other family members who may not attend church, as there is no preaching, just socialising. For more information, contact us.

Cursillo Group
first Sunday of every second month at  3pm (Commencing March)


Our parish has a strong membership of parishioners who have attended a Cursillo weekend and who continue to meet together regularly for worship, fellowship and share in afternoon tea before the group reunion. They constitute an integral part of our parish and enjoy lively, uplifting songs of praise, and through their faith, contribute substantially to the life of our Parish and our Dicoese.

 For more information, contact us.

To see the latest Diocesan Cursillo information, click this link.

St James' Guild

2nd Monday of the month

The Guild meets for prayer and fellowship usually on the second Monday of the month. This meeting makes plans for functions during the year and deals with issues concerning the church, hall and grounds of St James, Wellington Point.

Funds are raised for missions, projects. Over the years, many improvements have been carried out through this group. For more information, contact us.