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The Reverend Scott Gunthorpe
Rector currently on leave

Rod Winterton.jpg

Revernd Rod Winterton
Locum Priest

0412 762 164

Reverend John Bretz

Father Jim Cosgrove
Assistant Priest currently Locum at Charleville

Parish Council

Wardens and Parish Councillors are elected by the church each year. They oversee the ‘operations’ of the church – in particular, governance, property, and finance matters.

Our parish council members are: Reverend Scott Gunthorpe (Rector); Helen Stanbrook (Rector’s warden and Parish Nominator); Charmaine Dyer (People’s warden and Parish Nominator); Ann Martin-Victor (Treasurer and Parish Nominator);  Reverend John Bretz; Sarah Evans; Liz Law; Pam Monaghan; Carole Cresswell (Synod Rep); and Warren Collins (Synod Rep).


Glenda Blanch

Administration Officer

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