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At Waterloo Bay Parish our goal is to know Jesus Christ and make him known. 


We do this by deepening our relationship with God and building relationships with each other.  During the COVID-19 restrictions, some physical church services have resumed in line with COVID-19 limitations and we also have online services using Zoom.

The Parish continues to need financial support to maintain our work in the community, for mission and for ongoing operating costs. With your assistance we can continue to progress and maintain a functional parish, now and post COVID-19 Pandemic.

We encourage offerings and donations to be made electronically. 

This will ensure offerings continue on a regular basis. (Please see below for how this can be achieved).

For all financial matters or enquiries, please contact our Treasurer, Ann.


To contribute to the financial life of the parish anonymously using ANFIN Parish Direct, simply access the Application Form, from the image.


To contribute to the financial life of the parish using BPoint, simply access the Details Form, from the image.


Electronic Funds Transfer 


Waterloo Bay Anglican Parish

  •  BSB:            704 901

  •  Account:     00000540

Please note your name and what your deposit is for. 

If your deposit is for Offering, please note ‘Offering’ and there is no need to note your name.

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