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BMF - Bush Ministry Fund

People often assume that the BMF and BCA are the same organisation, so it’s worth noting that the Bush Ministry Fund (BMF) is quite different to the Bush Church Aid Society (BCA).


Outback Queensland is dry, dusty, and crying out for rain, water.

Jesus said, come to me you who are thirsty, and I will give you Living Water.

Our prayers, and donations through BMF can help to provide this Living Water to the Diocese’s Western Region.

As an Anglican in Waterloo Bay, we are a part of the Anglican Church of Southern Queensland Diocese. 

The Anglican Church Southern Queensland is a diverse community of more than 500,000 Anglicans including 500 clergy in more than 130 parishes. It covers an area of more than a half a million square kilometres, from Bundaberg in North Central Queensland to Coolangatta on the New South Wales border and west to the borders of South Australia and the Northern Territory.   Most of the Diocese is in the sparsely populated Western Region.

We live and worship in the Southern Region of our Diocese, with all of the resources that come with the South East Corner of our State.

The Western Region covers a huge area that begins with the significant cities of Ipswich and Toowoomba in the east, through to remote sheep and cattle stations in the west.  Rural ministry requires support if it is to care for the spirituality of remote Australians.

What is The Bush Ministry Fund?

People often assume that the BMF and BCA are the same organisation, so it’s worth noting that the Bush Ministry Fund (BMF) is quite different to the Bush Church Aid Society (BCA). BCA is a national Anglican organisation based in Sydney which supports ministry in many places across Australia.

However, the BCA supports no rural ministry or parishes in our Diocese.


In contrast to the BCA, the BMF, funded through our Diocese, only supports rural ministry in parishes of our Diocese and gives at least 98 per cent of all money donated to support rural ministry (Click here to read more).”

The Bush Ministry Fund (BMF) was established by our Diocese in 1998 to provide support for struggling parishes and clergy in the Western Region of the Anglican Church Southern Queensland.

The aim of BMF is to maintain a caring ministry to families who live in towns and on properties in rural and remote area. Through these grants clergy can visit any property and are available to offer care and spiritual support, not only to Anglicans, but to anybody who seeks assistance in the community.


The Anglican Church has diverse models operating in the Western Region. We have Parishes that can sustain clergy in the east of the Region, e.g. Toowoomba and we have Parishes and Districts that need financial support to operate. We have services in churches throughout the region, and increasingly well attended services on cattle and sheep properties – with a BBQ and a beer afterwards!

How your BMF donations assist the Western Region

In 2022, The Bush Ministry Fund supported the following projects:

Project 1 – $23,500 Subsidising full-time ministry for Allora Clifton Parish;
Project 2 – $5,000 Contribution to Warwick Parish for curacy supervision at Allora-Clifton Parish;
Project 3 – $12,000 Subsidising part-time ministry for Brisbane Valley Parish;
Project 4 – $5,000 Contribution to Toowoomba West for curacy supervision at Brisbane Valley;
Project 5 – $13,000 Subsidising part-time ministry for Drayton Parish (1 day/week);
Project 6 – $13,000 Creating weekly emailed worship resources for MWAMA;
Project 7 – $26,000 Subsidising full-time ministry for Goonaneman Parish;
Project 8 – $40,000 Subsidising Ordained leadership provision in Maranoa-Warrego Anglican Mission Area (MWAMA);
Project 9 – $40,000 Subsidising Ordained leadership provision in Leichhardt Chinchilla Anglican Mission Area (LCAMA);
Project 10 – $8,000 Subsidising five visits to the Quilpie-Diamantina area

TOTAL – $185,500 Bush Ministry Fund Budget for 2022

For more news, please look out for BMF updates on anglicanfocus.

We can partner with our brothers and sisters in the Bush by:

  • supporting ministry in the bush through prayer;

  • financially supporting ministry in western Queensland through the Bush Ministry Fund;

  • creatively partnering with parishes in the bush;

  • BMF invites clergy to consider a call to the west for a season or two;

  • getting to know some of the fantastic people and places in Western Queensland. 

To make a donation through the Parish, either place an envelope marked "BMF" in the plate on Sundays, or use one of the giving suggestions on the website  'Giving' Page, note "BMF".

Or donate through the BMF site.

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