"I love a sunburnt country

A land of sweeping plains

Of ragged mountain ranges

Of drought, and flooding rains"


And who is it that cares for the spirituality of Australians in our rural and remote communities? 

One answer to this is BCA (Bush Church Aid).


How BCA Serves   

In partnership with Anglican Dioceses across the country, Bush Church Aid places committed and gifted Christians in a variety of rural and remote locations to help people connect with the grace of God revealed in Jesus.

BCA People   

BCA Field Staff and Regional Officers make Christ known across Australia.

Click HERE and see the map that shows where in Australia BCA serves.

Waterloo Bay Parish offers Prayer support to the work of BCA on Norfolk Island.

David and Crystal Fell moved to Norfolk Island in February 2015 as BCA Affiliates. David is the Church of England Chaplain to the island, which has strong historical links with Sydney. He and Crystal have had strong connections with Bush Church Aid over many years. David and Crystal pray that during their term on Norfolk Island God will build up His church and reach a new generation of believers. Before starting on Norfolk Island, David was an Assistant Minister in Manly, NSW.

Children: Wendell (2010), Marigold (2012), Ernest (2014)

The Fells' February 2021 Prayer Points
As we begin a new year of ministry programs and bible teaching, please pray that we will lay down our lives, as Jesus did, for our sheep.  Please pray that we will be effective shepherds of the church of God, which He bought with His own blood.

The BCA Prayer

Prayer Support is so important in the work of the Church.  Below is a prayer for the work of BCA that you can lend your voice to.

Lord our God, help us to remember those who live in isolated and remote parts of our land.

We ask you to strengthen and encourage all whose ministries are supported by The Bush Church Aid Society. Refresh them in times of discouragement and loneliness and call others to stand with them in the task of making Christ known.

Grant that, through the ministry of the Word and Sacraments, through caring service and by support for young people, the message of your redeeming love may be proclaimed and accepted by the people of our land. We ask these things through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Donate to BCA

In many parishes, Waterloo Bay Parish included, parishioners support BCA through the BCA Boxes.  Parishioners are given a money box, and regularly add their loose change, and other money they can spare.  The boxes are collected twice a year, in March / April, and in August / September. In our Parish, Yvonne co-ordinates the collection.  In 2019, parishioners gave $2576 through their BCA Boxes. Through Parish Council, a further $505 was added to support the work of BCA.

in 2020, the March / April collection from the BCA Boxes was $885.  The August / September collection, was $1153 from 27 boxes from parishioners, plus again $500 from Parish Council.  If you are interested in being a part of this, then  CONTACT US  for more details.

To demonstrate our Parish support, using the BCA boxes, or donating through the plate in an envelope marked "BCA" is our preference, however, you can also donate directly on the BCA website.